Our Range of Services

  • 1.  Total Tour Packages.
  • 2.  Arrange Specific tour Itineraries to suit needs of travellers.
  • 3.  Arrange and Book suitable accommodation.
  • 4.  Rent you a wheelchair accessible vehicle and driver.
  • 5.  Provide a guide/escort/driver for any family or personal tour.
  • 6.  If you are an agent we can arrange total on shore requirements.
  • 7.  A one-stop shop for any size group.
  • 8.  Special needs present no barriers.
  • 8.  Home stay options.

We are the ideal people to help if you.....

are at all apprehensive about travelling.

have any special needs or a disability.

are a little elderly and don't really want to go it alone.

are not sure about booking an itinerary that will totally suit your needs.

don't like the thought of driving on the left hand side.

want a special theme tour, golf, fishing, garden, you name it.

just want the very best holiday you could imagine.

want to visit the very best little country in this world, (we call it God zone).

want real value for money.